Thursday Night League

The Papillion Gun Club has a long tradition of having a Thursday night league.

League Program Details

This league shoots all 3 disciplines of trap each week in a 74 target program- 25 singles, 25 handicap (yardage based on team singles score), and 24 (12 pair) doubles in a 2-3-2-3-2 per post arrangement.  A team consists of 6 shooters and the lowest person’s score for each event is dropped. Teams compete against another team every week for 4 points. 1 point each for singles, handicap and doubles and 1 point for the overall (sum of team scores for the 3 rounds). The team with the higher point total at the end of the night is the winner. The teams then rotate each week to go head-to-head with another team. At the end of the league, the team with the highest point total is declared the league champion. Overall, it is a fun way to get out and shoot, meet people, and have a good time.


The first squad out starts at 6:30 every night league is hosted. The league will run for 20 weeks starting April 15th.

Now is your chance –We Need a 10th Team!

The structure of the league fits 10 teams very easily. We currently have 9 teams registered. If you are interested in being a team captain and hosting a team, please get in contact with David Miller at 402-278-1599 or As a team captain, you will be responsible for organizing your team of 6 shooters for each week. You will likely need a list of subs as the league will run for 20 weeks and between work, vacations, and other commitments, you will need subs.

Getting Started in League without a Team

We are also interested in having an independent shooters list. These are people that are interested in shooting league but are not associated with a team in particular. They are on a communal sub list that the other teams can use to fill in gaps in their schedule. This is a good way to get on a team. If you would like to be on the independent list, also contact David Miller at 402-278-1599 or Also, it is acceptable to show up at the club and see if anyone is in need of subs that night.


You do not need to be member of the Papillion gun club to participate (please feel free to forward this information to your friends), however, the cost structure is different. If we have a 9 team league the cost will be $18 for members, $23 for non-members. If we can get a 10th team, the cost will go to $18 for members, and $22 for non-members. We do prefer that if a 10th team emerges, we would like the team captain to be a gun club member.


If you have questions about Thursday Night League, please feel free to contact David Miller 402-278-1599 or